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BMP Resistance Band Set

Resistance Band Workouts for Busy People: Eight Great Exercises with Bands

One of the main reasons many people don’t exercise is because they simply can’t find the time. Our busy “do ...

Basic Plank Exercise

How to Use Use Plank Exercise for Abs and Core Strengthening

The days are over that you need to perform endless crunches to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. Research has proven that the plank exercise is much more effective to accomplish this.

I love plank exercises because they are multitasking moves that will work your abs, your upper and lower back, your arms and all of your other stabilizing muscles. The seven best plank exercises to start with are…

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Why I Think Shakeology Is The Best Protein Shake

Shakeology is the meal replacement protein shake that will help you to lose weight, be more energized and lower your cholesterol. It will also help your digestion and improve your regularity.

You will get your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals all in one tasty meal. The cost per meal of Shakology is…

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Interval Training On Treadmill

Lose Weight Faster With Interval Training On Your Treadmill

The road to a leaner body is not a slow, long march. It is instead bursts of high intensity combined with slower, recovery efforts. Twenty minutes of interval training can burn as many calories as an hour of steady, traditional cardio exercise.

Unlike traditional cardio workouts, interval training workouts will keep your body…

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Oven Fried Chicken

Staying Fit with Healthy Chicken Recipes

One of the hardest things to do when you are trying to get fit is to eat healthy but still eat good tasting food. When one of your favorite dishes is crispy fried chicken, it can be especially hard. I can remember being overjoyed as a kid when my mom got out the old cast iron skillet and fried up a big juicy chicken for dinner.

As an adult who struggles with…

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Healthy Eating Habits with Candlelight Dinner

Four Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight

We all have trouble keeping healthy eating habits. We all know that we must be careful of what and how we eat to lose weight and also to maintain a healthy weight.

But we are bombarded with food commercials on TV and in every magazine that we look at. The four most important habits that we can develop at mealtime to help us lose weight are…

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Joint Pain at it's Worst

2 Simple Exercises to Relieve Shoulder and Elbow Joint Pain

Joint pain can cause much discomfort and even be disabling. We all head for the medicine cabinet to get the ibuprofen and to the freezer to grab the bag of ice.

We think that our joint pain may only be relieved by even stronger drugs or with surgery. The two simple exercises that you can do at home to relieve and even prevent shoulder and elbow joint pain are…

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Sitting Statue With Poor Chair Posture

An Easy Exercise to Improve Your Chair Posture

Today computers in the workplace and at home have become very commonplace and many of us have developed very bad chair posture.

Eighty percent of Americans have problems with back pain or pain in their neck and shoulders as a result of hours sitting in front of a computer. The simple exercise to help this problem is to…

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Spring Allergies Pollen

6 Ways to Control Your Spring Allergies

Spring is in the air, and of course along with spring comes those annoying spring allergies. I do so enjoy spring with all of the spring flowers and beautiful blooming trees.

However, there are some natural simple ways to help alleviate the spring allergies symptoms and they are…

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